Beer, Wine, & Spirits

The transportation market can be challenging, especially when it comes to importing beer, wine and spirits. Expeditors’ wide-ranging scope of supply chain services connect seamlessly within your supply chain no matter where your business takes you. 




Our Strengths

We recognize that the beer, wine, and spirits industry is unique and therefore require experience and expertise. Expeditors’ success in this specialized area is attributed to:

  • Global presence in Beer, Wine, & Spirits origins and destinations
  • Leading industry information technology
  • Industry experience and expertise
  • Value added services to BWS supply chain
  • Solution driven with customer service excellence

Value-Added Services

Customs & Compliance

Ease Challenges in Your Supply Chain

The transportation market can be challenging, especially when it comes to importing beer, wine, and spirits into the U.S. Customs clearance and trade compliance are knowledge-based services that require an understanding of the impact to our customers’ supply chains.

Expeditors delivers quantifiable value to the supply chain through:

  • Single broker for Europe and the globe
  • Simplified procedures and tools to maintain visibility, control and compliance
  • AEO Consulting with Tradewin®
Temperature Control

Protecting Your Valuable Cargo

Keep your beer, wine, & spirits imports and exports protected. Our insulation service provides:

  • Thermal Insulation for ocean containers of high quality.
  • Transformation of a Dry Container into a Isothermal Container.
  • Barrier to thermal transfer thanks to its reflective effect.
  • Mechanical Resistance to limit shocks during the transport.

Expeditors' Risk Management

With a specific Beer, Wine, & Spirits program, our combination of knowledge and skills makes Expeditors uniquely qualified to educate and protect our customers from damaged cargo, theft and security breaches, wherever their goods are being shipped.


White Glove Delivery

White Glove offers an all-inclusive end-to-end network designed to deliver unmatched visibility, execution, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability. This specialized service goes above and beyond a standard dock delivery. Expeditors will arrange for delivery or retrieval of high value wine and spirits, custom packing and crating before delivery, on-site setup or removal of equipment, as well as unpacking and debris removal.

Additional Value-added services:

  • Insulation
  • Insurance
  • Cargo Signal tracking system
  • Customs & Compliance
  • Real time full visibility & analytics
  • Order management



Distribution Services

  • Order fulfilment
  • Cross dock/Transload
  • Upstream Fulfilment
  • QA Inspection/Kitting
  • System exp.o Distribution
  • Network solutions will help to design the right locations
  • DC design to maximize space; type of product strategy
  • Offshore distribution (postponement strategy, value added, single pool of inventory)

Episode 31 | Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Coming down from Chinese New Year and a season of celebrations, Regional Business Development Managers Angela Zhou, Andreas Buch, and Matteo Del Zoppo talk about the world of Beer, Wine, & Spirit, how this market has evolved during the pandemic, and what might be ahead as conditions improve and business return to welcoming customers. What makes these products unique and what are their logistics needs to meet the changed demands and tastes of customers?