Total Container Management

End-to-End 可见性 and Control


Optimization - Control - 可见性

Today's ocean market is extremely dynamic and introduces several challenges to both shippers and importers. Shippers want to manage the outbound flow of their goods and importers want stability and reliability for planning and executing the movement of their freight from origin through final delivery. Both parties want predictability and discipline throughout each node of the supply chain.

稽查员 offers the option of combining three stand-alone ocean services into one seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution. Total Container Management is a unique, managed service enabled by technology, providing unparalleled visibility throughout the shipment journey. Backed by industry experts who understand the nuances of international container movement, Total Container Management is service provider neutral and available to all.

Three Integrated Solutions

载波分配订单管理交付管理 are unique solutions that address specific challenges in a customer's supply chain network. Each service can stand alone, or seamlessly integrate to improve the process of planning, 预订, 和交付. With Total Container Management, achieve unparalleled visibility throughout the entire journey.

End-to-End 可见性 Platforms


The standard process of forecasting to ocean 航空公司 is a highly manual, time-consuming process that can be disrupted by a number of factors such as port congestion, 延迟, 恶劣天气, 海关法规, 或者突发事件.

载波分配 was developed with the largest shipper in the world. Now the platform is available to any shipper who would like to bring efficiency to their ocean management.

Traditional logistics is inherently reactive. Having the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes in your order process will help you avoid 延迟 before they happen.

订单管理 applies technology and the expertise of our network to optimize your supply chain and successfully adapt as needed. If you know what’s happening across your supply chain, you can solve issues before they cause a disruption.


交付管理 utilizes 集中的团队, which manages a common platform of end-to-end delivery-related data according to measurable business rules.

This team draws upon 稽查员’ core expertise of managing customer orders, 航空公司, third-party service providers.

How These 服务 Work Together

载波分配 ensures goods are arriving where they need to be, when they need to be. 订单管理 manages shippers' vendors and 预订s at origins. Shippers have planned optimally; origins then book as planned ensuring goods will arrive when they need to be there. 交付管理 leverages the optimal planning and shipment information to proactively plan and schedule drayage upstream of vessel arrival to ensure efficient and timely final delivery. Connecting the plan-book-deliver activities provides visibility from origin to destination to proactively manage exceptions and identify trends.

  • Forecast up to 14 weeks to improve allocation awards
  • Keep a single source of data
  • 优先分配
  • 最大化BCO分配
  • 改善BCO承诺
  • 降低风险


  • Implement business rules to create upstream visibility & 控制
  • 推动供应商一致性
  • Address performance concerns
  • Regain confidence in forecasts
  • 利用阿宝 & shipment source data throughout end-to-end processes



All 稽查员 software applications adhere to strictly enforced security protocols. All data is private and exclusive. Access to the platform requires user authorization. We understand that when it comes to business, privacy is of the utmost importance. That's why we've made sure our platform is completely secure and confidential - so you can rest easy knowing your data is always in good hands.